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  • Dédicaces ce week-end : Anne Mongeot à la fête du livre de Wesserling et Claire Gilbert au salon du livre de St Quentin La Poterie

    amongeot GF.jpgIBUPROFENE LIB GF.jpgCélibataire suite LIB.jpg










    Anne Mongeot sera présente à la 13ème édition de la fête du livre de Wesserling (68) le dimanche 29 septembre

    Toute la journée, elle dédicacera son roman "Ibuprofène et Caribou" et le recueil de nouvelles "Célibataire... encore, mais j'assume !"


    cgilbert2.jpgSous le ciel de Paris GF lib.jpg



    Claire Gilbert sera en dédicace Salon du livre en jeu de St Quentin La Poterie (30) dimanche 29 septembre

    De 10 H à 18 H, elle dédicacera son roman "Sous le Ciel de Paris"

  • Parution officielle le 4 octobre du roman en version anglaise de Laure Danglade "French Girl Rendez-vous"

    French Girl RDV COV GF.jpg

    RÉSUMÉ :

    Have you ever wanted to know what a  European girl feels like when she arrives in the US ?

    Jump into Aurélie's shoes ! This petite and energetic French girl will open her heart  to you. Her fears, her expectations, her misconceptions about the US - everything she thought she knew would change !

    American readers, don't be too hard on Aurélie ! Her thoughts are neither right nor wrong. She is just different, and discovering these differences makes traveling abroad fun for all of us.

    Aurélie needs you ! She’s made up her mind to spend a semester in the US with only one goal : she wants an American boyfriend !

    Between Boston and Philadelphia, she will try to create her own American dream.

    From cultural misunderstandings to unexpected friendships, Aurélie’s story  will have you laughing at her... and at yourself !


    Disponible dans notre librairie en ligne en cliquant ici



    Laure Danglade will leave you with a smile. This French    writer embraces discovering the world, and her eternally optimistic life view is evident in her writing.

    She used to write for science magazines, but she recently traded her technical vocabulary for love words in her first novel.

    She always follows her intuition. She ended up living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for more than 4 years, far away from Normandy, France, where she was raised. She now lives with the man of her dreams near Paris.

    Join her on her website: